Audrey Young, Ed.S. currently a doctoral student in Secondary Ed/Educational Leadership at SFA

“Our Miracle: Exploring One Parent’s Path to Access and Equality Through Faith For a Child With Special Needs; A Case Study”


From a father’s perspective, raising a daughter with special needs requires a resolve and a faith system that exceeds expectations on a daily basis. This case study explores the triumphs, obstacles, and resilience that a parent of a child with special needs encountered, while building a support system through faith, community and schools. As a former Superintendent, current Board of Trustees member, and City Manager, no other position has been as important or received the priority as raising his children, which includes a daughter, who was born with special needs. Through affecting a positive identification and reframing of children with special needs, this narrative demonstrates the necessity of hope, empathy, and humanity in our culture. Instilling and demonstrating a belief that children with special needs can and should lead a happy life has been the dictum by which this parent has advocated for access, social and educational equality.