Jim Lemon, MS, LCDC, LMFT, Certified Peer Specialist, Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator, Person in Active Recovery

RESPECT – Stories of Recovery


A RESPECT Institute (RI) helps participants develop the skills necessary to transform their experiences of mental illness, treatment and recovery into educational and inspirational presentations. The RI helps participants organize, construct and customize their personal stories and then facilitates speaking engagements in their community. This creates opportunities for RI Graduates to deliver their stories in diverse venues such as legislative meetings, employee orientations, university classrooms, civic meetings and continuing education programs. On a more personal level, many Graduates share their articulate stories with friends and loved ones with whom in the past had difficulty understanding their lived experience. Lastly, the RI program creates RESPECT Communities that support the efforts of Graduates in educating their community.

A panel of Respect Graduates narrated by James Lemon, Coordinator of the East Texas Coalition for Mental Health Recovery , will share the wisdom acquired through their lived-experience with mental illness and it’s treatment. A question and comment period will engage listeners in open dialogue.