Shannon Deitz, author of EXPOSED: Inexcusable Me…Irreplaceable Him and founder of Hopeful Hearts Ministry

The Role Empathy Plays in Healing the Trauma of Abuse


Victims of abuse often feel alone, isolated, segregated and unheard due to the lack of empathy from those closest to them. When a survivor speaks of the trauma they’ve incurred due to the offense they want to be validated, understood and heard. This is empathy. An integral part of their survival and eventual ability to thrive and live a healthy life beyond the abuse is to have the ability to speak about what has been done to them or against them and to be heard by someone who understands how deep all forms of abuse can penetrate the soul and psyche.

In this presentation we will visit various cases of abuse (mental, physical, sexual, and emotional [neglect]) through the “I Have a Voice” series presented by Hopeful Hearts Ministry and discuss the healing one can go through in receiving empathy through these videos, as well as peer support groups. We will also visit the importance and healing grace of empathy within family and the greater community towards those who have been through something they might not have experienced. Finally we will discuss the importance of faith and the empathy faith can offer in the role of healing abuse.